School Essentials for Essential Kids – Donate Now

The Children’s Medical Group has been caring for the children of the Mid Hudson Valley for generations. When COVID struck and the schools went virtual, many of our children were lacking the basic supplies to learn from home. Teachers were frustrated that even when they could connect with students, the kids did not have the simple essentials such as pencils, crayons, or scissors that could help the teachers guide their students at home. These items are especially needed to teach the youngest elementary students how to read and write, add and subtract.

This problem was felt most strongly in families with limited resources or whose parents were essential workers, many from the City of Poughkeepsie and other communities in our area.

The Children’s Medical Group team would like your help in our effort to help our kids and their teachers and families. We are raising funds to buy these supplies and assemble packages to give out to the youngest students if classrooms are forced go online again this year. $10 will buy all of the supplies needed for each child. We will purchase, assemble and distribute these items to our youngest and neediest students as soon as the need arises.

This is an ambitious project. We hope to help thousands of kids. Every dollar sent will go straight to the purchase of supplies. All work will be done by volunteers from our staff and community.

At CMG, we say, “We take care of kids.” Our commitment to our children goes far beyond taking care of their medical needs, especially this year. We love our kids. Please help us help them.

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