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Pediatric COVID Vaccine

Post Vaccine Information

Information on what to expect post vaccination.

Covid fact sheet (PDF)
v-safe document (PDF)
Flu Fact Sheet (PDF)

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Here are directions on how to book an appointment:

1. Select COVID Vaccine or Flu Shot from the Specialty dropdown under the Post Vaccine Information
2. Click “Search
3. Select the office you would like to  be seen at
4. Click “Search
5. Click on “Show Availabilities
6. Select whether or not you have been seen by us before
7. Select the reason you are coming in to the office.  Please note, do not select a reason that is not applicable to why you are coming in, doing so may result in a canceled or delayed appointment.
8. Select on the time slot you would like
9. Enter in the patient details.  Please be sure to enter them as they are on your account (i.e. full names, not nicknames, phone number on file, etc)
10. Click “Next
11. Enter in the insurance information if applicable.
12. Click “Next
13. The system will send you either a text message or voice message with a verification code to verify your information.  Please select which method you would like.
14. Once you enter your code, click “verify and book
15. A confirmation email will be sent once the appointment has been booked successfully.
16. You may receive a call from a patient representative to confirm pertinent information prior to your appointment.

Pediatric COVID Vaccine