Pediatric Immunization Schedule

The Children’s Medical Group follows the immunization schedule that is shown below.

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Ages Birth – 24 Months

Vaccine 2 mo 4 mo 6 mo 9 mo 12 mo 15 mo 18 mo 24 mo
Hep B birth/X X X          
Rotateq X X X          
DTaP X X X     X    
Hib X X X     X    
Prevnar X X X   X      
IPV X X X          
MMR         X      
Varivax         X      
Hep A         X   X  

Ages 3-17+ Years

Vaccine 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years 11 Years 17+ Years
MMR X        
DaTp   X X1    
IPV   X X1    
Varivax X        
TdaP       X  
Gardasil (HPV)       X2  
Meningococcal       X  
Meningococcal B         X3

X1 – if not received at age 4
X2 – Children age 9-14 get two doses 6 months apart. Age 15 & Older get a 3 Dose series:
1 month, 2 months & 6 months
X3 – Two Series one month apart