Expecting a Baby?

Congratulations! Having a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. The Children’s Medical Group shares in your joy and enthusiasm. We look forward to many years of providing care and support to you and your new family.

Our pediatricians encourage new parents to schedule a prenatal visit. This visit helps expecting parents to become acquainted with us, tour our offices, and ask questions regarding the birth of your baby and our practice. Our prenatal visits are held Monday-Friday at any of our offices, and in our Poughkeepsie office on Sunday afternoons. This visit is complementary!

Please Note: You do not need to “register” with our office before your baby is born. If you would like one of the physicians at The Children’s Medical Group to be your baby’s doctor, simply tell your obstetrician and the hospital staff when you arrive at the hospital to give birth. The hospital will notify our office when your baby is born. One of our pediatricians will be in to see you and your baby when they do hospital rounds that morning.

Hospital Affiliations

Our practice is currently affiliated with Vassar Brothers Medical Center.

Babies born at other area hospitals are welcome to come to our office after birth.

After coming home from giving birth, your baby should see the doctor within the next 2-3 days. At your baby’s first visit you should expect the nurse and doctor to check the baby’s weight, height, and answer any questions.

This section contains some general information that can help you get through those initial days and weeks.


The Children’s Medical Groups Routine Well Child Exam Schedule: (for the first year)

2 – 3 Days                2 Weeks

4 Weeks                  2 Months

3 Months                 4 Months

5 Months                 6 Months

8 Months                10 Months

12 Months

For full well-visit Schedule please see About Appointments

For immunizations schedule please see Immunization Schedule.

The Children’s Medical Group Suggest These Items for You to have At Home

    • Saline nose drops
    • Bulb syringe
    • Thermometer
    • The Children’s Medical Group Emergency Phone Number Magnet

The Children’s Medical Group Suggest These Items for You to Pack in the Diaper Bag

Diapering & Clothing

    • 6-8 Diapers, depending on how long you outing is going to be
    • Travel-size container of wipes
    • Changing pad
    • Diaper rash ointment
    • 2 changes of clothing
    • Ziploc bags for soiled clothing & diaper disposal
    • Hat(s) appropriate for shade or warmth


    • Bottles, if formula feeding
    • Cans of formula or containers of pre-measured formula
    • Burp cloths
    • Bottled water for you (and baby if using powered or concentrated formula)

Toys and Soothing Items

    • 2 blankets
    • Pacifiers
    • Comfort toys
    • Teething rings

Safety and Emergencies

    • Band-Aids
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • Cell phone
    • Tissues
    • Sun block
    • Fever reducer/pain reliever

As parents, especially if this is your first child, you always have questions and concerns. Our For Parents section is here for your guidance. At The Children’s Medical Group, we are committed to helping you care for your child.

Save Time!

Fill out newborn new patient forms now and bring them with you to your first visit with us.

New Patient Packet for Newborns [PDF]