Well Visit Appointments

We see all patients on an appointment basis, and request that you call in advance so that we can reserve time for you.

 The Children’s Medical Group Routine Well Child Exam Schedule is as Follows:
2 – 3 Days 2 Weeks Old
4 Weeks Old 2 Months of Age
3 Months of Age 4 Months of Age
5 Months of Age 6 Months of Age
8 Months of Age 10 Months of Age
12 Months of Age 15 Months of Age
18 Months of Age 21 Months Of Age
2 – 21 Years — Yearly Physical


About Appointments

Visits to our office are by appointment only. Everyone, including us, dislikes long waits in the office. Our schedule is designed to minimize such waits. One of the major reasons waiting times increase is because patients come either early or late for their scheduled appointments. This wreaks havoc with the flow of patients through the office. We ask you to please come to your appointment at the scheduled time only.

Certain times of the day are “peak” times when the office will nearly always be busy. Such times include “after school” from 3-5 PM during the school year and all day on Monday. If you do not absolutely have to have an appointment during these peak times, you would be better served by scheduling your visit during slower periods such as the early afternoon, early morning, and other weekdays.

Certain times of the year are also peak times for certain types of visits. For example, everyone needs a checkup during the summer months. Other times of year can be quite busy as well, such as sick visits in the winter season. We try to accommodate our patient’s preferences for appointment time. One of our biggest problems is patients who miss appointments without calling and canceling their appointment time in advance. When this happens, another patient cannot be scheduled for that time slot and may have to be inconvenienced. Missed appointments delay needed vaccinations and are generally detrimental to maintaining your child’s good health. They also make it more difficult for us to manage to see our patients in a timely fashion and to provide the best Pediatric care. We ask your cooperation when you make an appointment. Write it down and try to keep it. We will call you to remind you of appointments made in advance. If you must miss an appointment, please call to cancel and reschedule at least 24 hours in advance. If appointment are chronically missed without such notice, we will be unable to continue to provide medical care for your children.