School Bus Etiquette

Most schools provide transportation for children depending on where the family resides. But often, parents are more comfortable driving their children to school, especially when their child has the “first day jitters.” Parents may not always be available to drive their children to school, pick them up, or even be there when they get dropped off at the bus stop, so it’s important to be aware of the basic rules and etiquette of riding the school bus.

Rules and Etiquette

There are several rules to follow on and off the school bus. Here’s a list of the basics:
1. When seated, be sure to always face forward and wear your seatbelt.
2. Remain seated while bus is moving.
3. If there are assigned seats, be sure to sit in them during each ride.
4. Keep hands and feet inside the bus and out of the aisle at all times.
5. No pushing or shoving when entering or exiting the bus.
6. Know the Danger Zone rule: if you can touch the bus, you’re too close to it.
7. Be aware of emergency exits on the bus.

What to do if there are problems on the bus

If your child has an altercation or a conflict on the school bus, be sure to get a full understanding of the situation and contact the appropriate authority. Keep in mind that the bus driver is neither qualified nor responsible to mediate any issues between children or their parents.

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