Meet Us

Doreen DeSario,

Chief Financial and Information Officer

Doreen DeSario has been with The Children’s Medical Group for 28 years, so who is better suited to be in charge of information regulatory compliance and finance? She contributes to our efficiency, allowing our doctors, nurses and staff to focus on our primary mission, simply stated: “We Take Care of Kids.”

Doreen is responsible for programmatic support of CMG’s information, regulatory and financial management systems and policies. She is deeply involved with Meaningful Use, Compliance, Information Security, NCQA and PCMH (The Patient Centered Medical Home).

Doreen is dedicated to ensuring that we fulfill our mission statement, every hour of every day. She is always thrilled to see patients for whom we have cared, from infancy to adolescence, become parents with children of their own, and those children are now patients of The Children’s Medical Group.
We recently caught sight of Doreen in her office, holding her beautiful grandson (a CMG patient). It isn’t all regulations and policies. It’s human contact, and it’s what makes CMG different. When she’s not spending time with her family, Doreen loves to travel.



Doreen DeSario - Chief Financial and Information Officer - CMG