Meet Us

Annette Ferrari

Purchasing & Property Manager

Annette Ferrari has been with The Children’s Medical Group for 28 years, and is our Purchasing & Property Manager. Throughout the years, Annette has worked with a wide range of Executives, Account Managers, Vaccine Specialists, and Vaccine Contract Managers within the vaccine industry, with companies that are among the largest in the world. They include: GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur, Novartis, Merck, and Wyeth. She negotiates the best prices for our vaccine purchases, and also for all our medical and office supplies, furniture, printing and copy machines, with companies such as Physician Sales & Service, Atlantic/Tomorrows, and W.B. Mason Office Supplies.Annette handles every aspect of procurement for our practice. She negotiates contracts for our cell phones, heating our buildings, and other services to benefit our employees – for example, special discounts with some of the large shopping chains. She is also in charge of maintenance for all offices. It’s no wonder that Annette has a Certificate of Merit for “How to be a ‘Tough as Nails’ negotiator” from Padgett Thompson in Leawood, Kansas.

Annette has an AAS College degree from Ulster County Community College and a certificate from Fred Pryor Seminars for “How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service.” She is an active member of the United Way of Dutchess County, and The Great Halloween Candy Exchange.

Annette lives in Marlboro, New York with her husband Joe, and has three children and six grandchildren. Her favorite enjoyment is spending time with her family, especially her adorable grandchildren. She enjoys relaxing on a beach, and loves reading a good book on a rainy day. After all that negotiating, logistics, and community service, we think she deserves the rest!