Help! My Child is Shy!42292 – Just like adults, not all children are extroverts. Some children are
more comfortable around strangers and new situations than others. While
some children will grow out of this shy stage, others will always avoid the
spotlight. Read more 6 things to know about managing your child’s medication while they are at
school42279 – Sending a child off to school can be unsettling for some parents,
especially if your child is taking regular prescription medications. If
your child is taking medication, it is important to make sure you know the
following information Read more Managing Asthma for Back to School42263 – You children spend a substantial part of their time at school so it’s
important that your child’s asthma symptoms are managed while in the
classroom. It’s also important that you are mindful of any problems that
may arise while trying to manage their asthma while they are in school.
Here are a few helpful tips to help you and your child. Read more Preventing Sports Related Injuries42249 – Interscholastic and intermural sports are more popular than ever for
children in the United States. They are a great way to help keep children
and adolescents healthy, and promote a positive self-image. But many
parents worry about sports related injuries; here are a couple tips on how
to help with injury prevention. Read more 2015/2016 Flu Vaccine42244 – The 2015 / 2016 Flu Mist & Flu Vaccine Read more Back to School Tips42236 – With the first day of school right around the corner, we wanted to share
these great back to school tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Read more Schedule Your Back To School Physicals Now!42227 – Time is running out! Don’t forget to schedule back to school and sports
physicals before school starts! Read more Seasonal Allergies and Kids – What You Need to Know42219 – Allergies are by far the most common chronic diseases among children in
the United States. Approximately 1 in 5 people in this country suffer from
allergies. Although allergies can develop at any age, they most commonly
show up during childhood. To find out more information and to view common
symptoms, please click to Read more Bedtime Routines for your School-Aged Children42200 – As many parents can attest to, kids are experts at drawing out bedtime
routines to the point where you suddenly realize that bedtime was an hour
ago! Read more Sun Safety Tips – Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer42169 – Summer is a great time for you and your family to enjoy the great
outdoors, but it also means that you may be out in the sun more. Here are
some tips to keep your kids (and yourself!) safe during your fun in the
sun. Read more Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth42159 – Brushing your teeth is an important skill that children need to learn to
maintain oral health. Here are some tips for helping children practice, and
how to make it a good experience for them (and you!). Read more Join The Children’s Medical Group on May 22nd and GO BLUE!42139 – May is National Foster Care Awareness Month! The Children’s Medical
Group is joining the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA)
and Ulster County Department of Social Services for GO BLUE to show support
for foster care awareness, and finding safe, loving homes for foster
children. Read more Preparing Your Medicine Cabinet for a New Baby42124 – You’ve got the crib, the clothes, and the diapers all ready for your new
arrival. But what about the medicine cabinet? From cutting tiny fingernails
to first fevers, stocking your medicine cabinet will give you some extra
peace of mind that you are well prepared to tend whatever you may be faced
with. Read more The Power of Washing Your Hands42109 – You probably haven’t given it much thought, and it’s part of your
routine. But hand washing may be one of the most important things you can
do to protect your family and child from getting sick. Read more How to Ease Chapped Lips42096 – Children often suffer from chapped lips in the colder months. Because
the skin on the lips is thinner than the rest of the body, the cold and dry
heat often causes chapping and irritation. Read more Everything you need to know about choosing a pediatrician for your newborn42093 – Mothers-to-be have a lot of important decisions to make, from choosing a
name to deciding who will take care of the baby if – or when – they decide
to go back to work. If you’re pregnant, one of the most important decisions
you must make is to select a pediatrician for the crucial job of overseeing
your child’s health care. Read more Poison Prevention Week: Tips for Poison Safety and Treatment42082 – Approximately 3 million Americans come into contact with or swallow
hazardous substances each year; most of these people are under the age of
5. Here are some steps you can take to prevent your child from ingesting or
coming into contact with potentially harmful substances. Read more Flu Update: 2014-201542081 – Eighty percent (80%) of all influenza diagnoses happen between the
months of January and March. With flu activity increasing, be sure that
your child’s day care or early-education clinician is prepared to deal with
the flu virus if it hits their organization. Read more Avoiding Burnout42072 – Parents can sometimes feel a lot of strain and fatigue as they try to
juggle responsibilities at home and at work. It you’re starting to feel the
pressure, here are some ideas to consider. Read more Protecting Your Family During a Measles Outbreak42058 – Here are some answers to questions parents may have about the measles
outbreak Read more Family Friendly Flying42034 – Once you have a child, even the most routine travels become an adventure
in parenting. While flying with your baby isn’t the easiest method, many
young babies do travel well in flight. Here are some tips on keeping your
family safe while flying. Read more The Winter Blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Children42009 – For some people, the change in the seasons brings with it a shift in
mood. Here’s what you need to know about depression, SAD, and your child. Read more Winter Fun While Staying Safe41988 – Winter can be a great time to be outdoors. It’s important to set
reasonable time limits on outdoor play to prevent hypothermia and
frostbite, and have children come inside periodically to warm up. Read more Hudson Valley Parent Magazine Votes 9 Children’s Medical Group clinicians as
Favorites41982 – A heartfelt “Thanks!” to the readers of Hudson Valley Parent Magazine
for voting 9 Children’s Medical Group clinicians as Favorites! The
Children’s Medical Group is all about kids, and all of our Physicians,
Nurse Practitioners and Staff excel at what they do. Read more Winter Safety Tips from Children’s Medical Group41962 – Winter is almost upon us, and we wanted to share these winter safety
tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics to help you keep your family
safe and warm. Read more Ebola: What Parents Need to Know41939 – With all of the recent media coverage, it’s important to understand what
Ebola is and what parents can do to protect their children. Ebola is a
viral infection that is very rare, and is not easy to transmit from person
to person. The current serious outbreak in West Africa is in part due to
lack of germ prevention and access to adequate medical supplies… Read more Reports of a Severe Respiratory Illness on the Rise41900 – In parts of the United States, the CDC is reporting increased activity
of severe respiratory illness, which has sent hundreds of children to the
hospital in the Midwest. Tests have found that cases are from a type of
enterovirus, a common virus that usually causes mild respiratory illness,
but that can become severe in some individuals. Read more The Children’s Medical Group presents: The 4th Annual Bump & Beyond Event41880 – An event created especially for Hudson Valley’s prenatal to preschool
families, highlighting what the Valley has to offer from fertility to
toddlers! It will be a FREE Market Place for moms-to-be, and moms and
family members in general. Read more Local Doctor Writing National Policies41858 – Our very own Dr. Herschel Lessin is helping to shape the health of the
nation’s children! Read more Every child deserves a home and family. Open your heart. Open your home.
Become a foster Family.41753 – Imagine being a small child – or maybe a young adolescent – and having
your life disappear overnight, without explanation. Read more Keeping Little Breaths Flowing41626 – The New York Times recently had an article that we just had to share
with all of our parents. Read more Even healthy kids can die from flu complications41592 – USA Today recently had an article that we just had to share with all of
our parents. We don’t share this to scare you, but to encourage you to have
your child vaccinated with the flu vaccine every year. Read more Children’s Medical Group Supports Candy Exchange41578 – The Children’s Medical Group is very pleased to participate in the 8th
annual Great Halloween Candy Exchange Program. Read more Experts Emphasize Need For Vaccines41508 – The Children’s Medical Group’s own Dr. David Fenner was recently quoted
in a Poughkeepsie Journal article about the need for vaccines. Read more The Children’s Medical Group Receives NCQA’s Highest Accreditation As
Patient-Centered Medical Home41418 – The Children’s Medical Group (CMG) is proud to announce that it has been
recognized as “Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home” from the National
Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Level 3 designation is the highest
achievable recognition for a medical group. Read more Good Night Moon41385 – Good Night Stars, Good Night Air, Good Night Noises Everywhere. Read more Time for Bed41351 – Every 24 hours the sun rises and falls, the moon glows and the stars
shine. And our children go to bed, sleep through the night. Read more Nothing Beats A Good Night’s Sleep.41321 – From birth to adolescence, sleep problems are among parents biggest
concerns. Too much? Rarely! Too little? Often! Read more We Are Excited To Announce Expansions In Our Hours Of Operation!41307 – We are excited to announce an expansion in our hours of operation! We
will now have Saturday Hours in our Fishkill Office. We will be seeing
patients from 9am – 5pm on Saturdays. Read more 2013/2014 School, Camp & Yearly Physicals41251 – Our schedule for the summer is now ready and appointments can be made
for yearly physical examinations for May, June & July. Read more 2012 – 2013 Flu Season41159 – We are excited to announce that our shipment of Commerical Flu Vaccine
for 6-35months and Flu Mist has arrived! We are also excited to announce
that our shipment of Vaccine For Children (VFC) Flu Vaccine 6-35months, 3
Years and Up and Flu Mist has arrived! Read more