When Should My Child Start Lifting Weights?

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When kids start to find an interest in sports at a young age, some parents are wary to recommend weight training. Kids may express an interest in lifting weights to increase their muscle mass if they feel insecure about having slimmer arms and legs. It is a parent’s first job to keep their kids safe and happy, so weight training should always be monitored.

Weight training demands a nuanced understanding of form, balance, and control. Younger kids do not yet have these skills in their physiological repertoire. Around age 7, it is possible for kids to begin weight training, as long as they have a grasp on the appropriate posture and form to prevent injury. Weight training before the age of 7 would likely be both unnecessary and dangerous.

It is important to ensure your child has met milestones that signal they are able to handle weight training. Kids should have control over their attention span and a propensity to listen to instructions closely. Before children hit puberty, it is unlikely they have enough testosterone in their bodies to build muscle mass. It is important to talk to your child’s pediatrician to obtain their opinion on how weight training would affect your child’s wellbeing.

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