School Discipline

If your child is having disciplinary problems at school, there are things you can do as a parent to help turn around the behavior. Though you may feel like what they do in school is largely out of your control, you can still influence their behavior by supporting classroom rules inside the home. Having consistent expectations between home and school can help your child adjust their behavior.

As a parent, you tend to see your children in a positive light – and why wouldn’t you, they’re your children! If you disagree with a disciplinary action the school has taken, make sure you do not express your feelings directly to your child, but rather to the teacher or school personnel. Your attitude towards the school can greatly influence your children. Communicating your concerns directly to the appropriate teachers and administrative staff will help you give your children the guidance they need.

School discipline can be a difficult subject for parents of children with ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) makes sitting silently in a classroom difficult, and it is not uncommon for children to give in to their urge to talk without raising their hand or distract classmates. While consequences for actions that disregard classroom rules are important, you may feel like your child is being punished too often considering their ADHD. Have a conversation with their teacher about how discipline is handled. For example, staying inside during recess may not be an appropriate punishment for a person with ADHD as recess is the time when they can chat with friends and release energy.

Always keep in mind that school discipline is necessary for a teacher to keep up with a classroom full of kids. The time may come when your well-behaved child is sent home with a note, and it’s important to talk to your child about his classroom conduct. Punishments should never cause your child bodily harm, and they should never humiliate your child. If that happens, you should immediately contact school personnel.

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