Music and Mood

Music and Mood

“Music moves the soul.”

Music has been part of humanity for as long records have been kept. Ancient philosophers and kings embraced music and its effects on people for centuries and the benefits are well documented. Even now, music is integrated into nearly everything we do and everywhere we go starting at birth when are presented with music as lullabies, then later as learning tools to remember animals, colors, numbers, and letters.

Music is all around us: we hear it in stores, elevators, gyms, coffee shops, malls, and restaurants. It’s utilized in Films and TV shows to set the mood, heighten the drama, make us laugh, and even frighten us. Music has the power to recall memories and make us feel nostalgic; hearing a song from our childhood can brings back fond memories and a love song can almost transport us to another time and place.

Mornings can be hard! Waking up early, trying to pull it all together while anticipating the day before us, can launch us into a mood, but enjoying music while heading to work or driving the kids to school is a great way to relax, connect, and start the day on a high note. For some people, a little background music helps them function better, and many students find they can concentrate better when studying to music rather than working in silence.

Music therapy has been scientifically proven to help improve the moods of people suffering from depression and those with anxiety disorders. While heavy metal music showed an increase in negative emotions, relaxing music can create a calmer mood and has been found to be even more effective than using conventional therapy alone.

Kids, especially teenagers, can often have a really tough time, but it can be hard for them to pinpoint or express their emotions. It could be related to a heavy school load, issues with their friends, or simply hormones taking over. No matter what the problems might be, one way to help lift them out of their mood is through the magic of music! Putting on fun uplifting tunes can make even the toughest day a little brighter.

So the next time things feel tense, if you are in a sour or sad emotional state, consider injecting an uplifting tune into your life to get a little relief.