Meet Us

Lynda Wagner

Chief Operation Officer

Lynda Wagner came to The Children’s Medical Group after a career in Human Resources as the Manager at The Mohonk Mountain House, one of the country’s best known and favored resorts. Lynda had gotten married and started a family, which would result in three children. After her son was born, she decided to become a nurse.

She says that her positive experience in the hospital setting led her to the decision to join CMG. Lynda reminisces, “I remember vividly how I got here. I had an opportunity to intern for one week in a pediatric office. It was there that I fell in love with the idea of being with children all day long. So, when a position opened up at The Children’s Medical Group, I told my interviewer, ‘No, is not an option.’ She kindly hired me as a new nurse, and 18 years later, here I am.”

As COO, Lynda’s primary focus is the same as when she was a nurse: to take care of kids. She strives to ensure that CMG’s patients and their parents receive excellent quality care and service. Keeping up with the changes in the healthcare industry doesn’t change that focus. It’s that simple.

When not at the office, Lynda is most happy with family: her children, their spouses, her grandchildren, and her parents. As she puts it, “Family vacations are certainly not unheard of in my life.”