How to Reinforce Your Child’s Learning

With the distractions of tablets, TV, and phones, your child can easily forget some of the things she learned in school and become consumed with distractions after the dismissal bells ring. Reinforcing learning at home is more important than ever in the modern age. Take an active role in the time your child spends at home and encourage healthy behaviors early on.

Talk About Your Day

Opening communication between you and your child once they get home is the first step in peering into their academic at-home needs. Ask your children if they can recall something they learned that day and pay attention to their answer – if they can teach you something they learned, it reinforces a new skill that they are more likely to remember the next day. Since communication goes both ways, talk about your day with your children as well, in case they need a bit more motivation to share.

Read Together

Reading is a lifelong skill that your children will thank you for when they are able to get through dense textbooks later in their academic careers. Make sure they have a positive relationship with books and that they see you reading as well. Bedtime stories for young children are extremely important as well.

Encourage Creativity

Time at home doesn’t have to be all books, especially when children are young. In place of playing “interactive” games on tablets, make sure they have access to markers, coloring books, tape and other art supplies to stimulate their minds. It is also a good idea to keep lined paper and pencils around to encourage children to write creatively. Even writing their own rendition of an episode of a television show they love can fall under this category! Writing may help their reading skills as well.

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