Health Screenings at School

In New York State, the law requires public schools to routinely check for hearing, scoliosis, and vision. These exams are completed by licensed health professionals and are in place to catch problems early before they can develop. Although these screenings will not provide you with an official diagnosis, they are in place to identify issues that your child may have.

Often, children do not even know they have issues identified during these tests. Your child may not realize the whiteboard is slightly blurry or that their hearing is impaired. This is why these standard screenings are so important. Scoliosis is a condition that can worsen over time, and should be treated as soon as a note is sent home.

It is important to contact your pediatrician if your child comes home with results that require medical attention. Your pediatrician can get you the help you need to ensure your child’s education is not impacted by these conditions. Always keep checkups scheduled yearly to catch these types of problems. Scoliosis is not tested as early on in school, but your pediatrician can catch it if your child develops it early.

To see sample letters that your child may receive after one of these health screenings, visit the New York State Center for School Health for more information.

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