Dry Winter Skin

Dry Winter Skin

Whether your child suffers from eczema or just seasonally dry skin, it’s important to take his skincare seriously, as uncomfortably dry skin can have an effect on his mood and ability to focus in school. Low moisture in winter air combined with dry air in heated homes are the culprits to pesky dry winter skin. Here are some tips recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics on how to deal with your child’s dry winter skin:

Drink lots of water
The first line of defense in protecting your children from dry winter skin is encouraging them to drink more water. This may be easier in summer months when they are hot and thirsty, but drinking lots of water hydrates their skin from the inside out.

Only bathe your child three times a week
Being exposed to long, warm baths may make your child feel nice during chilly winter months. However, these baths are actually robbing your child’s skin of moisture and contributing to the problem. They should only bathe three times a week to help mitigate a loss of hydration.

No bubble bath with fragrance
When your child does take a bath, use gentle cleaners that are formulated especially for sensitive skin without fragrance. These chemicals cause skin to dry up, no matter what the packaging might suggest.

Pat dry
After bathing, do not rub your child’s skin down with a towel. Instead, pat them down gently. Rubbing wet skin can irritate it and dry it out further.

Apply moisturizer right away
While your child is still damp and in the bathroom which still has moisture in the air, apply moisturizer. Children may need to get used to moisturizing twice per day if their dry skin persists.

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