Curfews & Growing Up

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Everyone is a teenager at one point in their lives and chances are at that time, you wanted to stay out late and have fun with friends. The story seems to be the same time and time again; parents want their teens home by a reasonable time and teens do not always oblige. This is where curfew enforcement comes into play.

Implementing curfews

Curfews are a great way to create routine in the household. Whether it be for your young child or teenager, curfews set standards and help hold everyone accountable. For those with younger children, practice getting them showered and in bed 10 to 15 minutes before “lights out” at 8:30-9:30pm. This type of curfew should be a piece of cake compared to enforcing one with your teen.

As your children grow up, they’ll become preteens and you’ll start to notice how they start to ask for more time out with their friends. A common question you’ll be asked as the parent is, “What time should I be home?”

For some parents, having a set curfew that never changes except under special circumstances might work, and for others, having a fluid curfew and discussing it with your teen each time they go out may work, too. No matter your parenting style, make sure communication is clear and open and make sure that the curfew set is not open for interpretation once discussed.

Enforcing the curfew

Now that you have set a curfew, it’s time to stick by it. Don’t let those last-minute, late-night calls asking to stay out later or sleep over a friend’s house fool you. The only way to get your teens to respect not only the curfew, but also you as the parent, is to enforce it. If they come rolling in around 11pm, make sure they check in with you before going to bed. Make it clear that there will be consequences if the curfew is broken. The purpose of setting a curfew is not to make your teen’s life miserable, but to keep them safe and teach them what responsibility, self-control and time management are.

Source: Healthy Children

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