Communicating Effectively with School Personnel

If you ever find yourself wondering who the adults in the room are while your child is at school, you are not alone. Many teachers are accustomed to keeping in touch with parents about how their child is doing in school. Having an open line of communication with school personnel can put your mind at ease. However, unless you have specific concerns about how your child is doing academically and socially, it is not expected for teachers and parents to check in frequently.

Getting Started

In the beginning of the school year, parent-teacher conferences are a great way to get acquainted with your child’s teacher. Teachers are often quite busy during this time of the school year, but these appointments give you an allotted amount of time to get to know each other. Take advantage of this time to express concerns or ask questions. Establish what the best way to reach them is, as some teachers prefer email over phone calls due to time constraints in the classroom.

New Challenges

Getting accustomed to a new teacher’s style may be difficult at first, but it’s important to listen to both what the teacher is communicating to you and how your child feels. Rules and classroom procedures vary with every teacher, and sometimes children need more time to adjust. It is important to keep in mind that teachers have your child’s well being at the forefront of their concerns. Depending on your child’s age and level of maturity, it can be beneficial to encourage them to solve problems independently before you step in.

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