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Teaching Children The Importance Of Giving Back

At The Children’s Medical Group, we have locations throughout the Hudson Valley. Each town we [...]

Fostering the Importance of Handwriting

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Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, better known as vapes and Juuls are unhealthy, addictive and even deadly for [...]

Managing Medication at School

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Developing Good Homework Habits

Developing good homework habits in your child while they are young is important. Doing so [...]

Helping Your Child Learn to Read

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Being The “New Kid” at School

Being the “new kid” at school can sound frightening for both the child and parent [...]

What Causes Shyness in Children

Shyness is one of the most common traits in young children. The world is scary [...]

Making Friends in Early Childhood

Before your children start going to daycare or preschool, as parents you can generally control [...]