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Proactively Preventing Opioid Abuse

The opioid epidemic is a serious problem nationwide. In fact, the leading cause of accidental [...]

Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, better known as vapes and Juuls are unhealthy, addictive and even deadly for [...]

Protection Against Measles In Children

A measles vaccination can be life-saving. Though measles is not all that common, outbreaks can [...]

Building Up Your Child’s Self-Esteem in a Healthy Way

Self-esteem is about expectations and perceptions that we have, not only about ourselves, but also [...]

Flu Dangers to Healthy Children

Each year, healthy kids die from flu-related complications. Many of these deaths are preventable by [...]

115 People Die Every Day from Opioid Abuse

The abuse, misuse, and dependency of opioids continue to represent a significant problem in the [...]

Developing Hand-Eye Coordination in Children

Hand-eye coordination in children fully develops later in life than you may think. Your child’s [...]

Sun Safety Tips – Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Summer is a great time for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors, [...]

Children and Vitamins

As a parent, you know it’s important to feed your kids fruits and vegetables to [...]

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