Teaching Children The Importance Of Giving Back

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At The Children’s Medical Group, we have locations throughout the Hudson Valley. Each town we serve has its own unique personality and local needs. Still, one of the things that makes this area so special is that we all share a common love for the nearby natural areas and the Hudson Valley community at large.

While there are parts of this area that struggle with poverty, there are many organizations that work to meet the needs of our community, as well as individuals who make a difference in the lives of our children.

Responsibility of Parents

Though our lives are incredibly busy, it is important to take a step back to remember what really matters. The communities our kids are brought up in contribute to who they are, and there are ways as a parent that you can become a leader in the community and a hero in their eyes.

  1. Show kindness – though we don’t know all of our neighbors, all of our neighbors deserve respect. When kids see how a role model treats others, they begin to mirror that behavior.
  2. Be an advocate – the power of sharing positive stories in the community with local news outlets can change the way people perceive young people in public. So often only the worst of the worst and the best of the best is reported, which skews how we think of one another. Sharing with local journalists about a classroom research project or a way in which your child’s extracurriculars are making a positive difference could have an immeasurable, positive ripple effect.
  3. Instill the importance of giving back – volunteering from a young age can have a profound effect on children. It helps them understand people who come from another perspective and teach them that no matter how much or how little they have, a community is made stronger when we all pitch in to help one another.

When you foster the importance of charitability within your child it has a profound impact on the way they view the world for the rest of their lives. It helps create more resilient communities and empowers each child to see how their actions have effects on the people who live around them. Get involved in any way you can today through something your child is interested in. Here are some ideas:

  • Soup kitchen – does your child love cooking and baking shows, or love to help in the kitchen? Help them prepare a dish to donate to a local organization or show up to help prepare food at local soup kitchens. Check out all the good that The Lunch Box does in Dutchess County.
  • Animal shelter – is your child always asking for a puppy? Take them to the local shelter so they can see firsthand how much responsibility is involved, and give back in the process. Hudson Valley SPCA and Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary are great places to start.
  • Clothing donations – kids grow out of clothing quickly. Take your child with you when you donate clothes, such as to United Way’s Children’s Corner so they can see how the whole community comes together to give back and the impact that can have.


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