The Children’s Medical Group (CMG) encourages all patients to have a “medical home” – that is, a doctor’s office that coordinates most of your care.

What constitutes a “medical home?”
CMG has completed an intensive program – The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) – designed to improve teamwork, efficiency, and the ability to treat “the whole patient.” Our practice has been recognized for its quality and commitment to improving the patient care experience.

  • CMG uses electronic technology to improve service.
  • Appointments are available at convenient times.
  • There is an emphasis on preventive care and shared decision-making.
  • A range of medical professionals work together to care for all our patients.

What this means to our patients is that our doctors will get to know each patient, and see the whole picture. PCMH is a way to give you better, more personal care. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, and the patient gets the right diagnosis and treatment the first time. The team coordinates with pharmacies, specialists, and insurance clinicians if needed. The medical home is also about preventing problems, to help you stay healthy, keep track of yearly check-ups or vaccinations, and provide guidance for the best care options.

The Children’s Medical Group strives to constantly improve service so that our patients have more flexibility, and their care is more tailored to individual needs and family history. We believe in a “partnership” in caring for children, and helping set goals that can improve overall health and quality of life.