Children’s Medical Group Supports Candy Exchange

By Christine Verna, M.D.
The Children’s Medical Group

The Children’s Medical Group is very pleased to participate in the 8th annual Great Halloween Candy Exchange Program.
The program promotes the importance of literacy, the value of sharing and the good health of our children. It is a great opportunity for parents to teach their children that candy can be enjoyed in moderation, and excess candy can be given to our soldiers overseas as a treat from home. 
This lesson is a valuable tool in our fight against childhood obesity. As we have discussed over the past decade, childhood obesity must be fought on many fronts.  Children’s diets need to be rich in fresh food and low in processed foods. Our children need to stay active. These ways of eating and exercise must become part of the daily lives of everyone, especially our children. So, any opportunity to reinforce good diet and an active lifestyle is important.
For this reason, The Children’s Medical Group is proud to participate in The Great Halloween Candy Exchange. We look at this as more than a single event, but part of a bigger and broader mission to promote healthy habits in the wonderful world of  our children.

Source: CMG